Review: Preloved by Shirley Marr

Contemporary x paranormal x romance x time travel x a bunch of other factors = preloved

Technical Stuff

Writing (Flow, Style, etc.): The writing was really light and easy to read.  It was also quite casual which made me feel at ease and welcome to keep on turning the pages.  Because of the way it was narrated, it gave a really good insight into Amy’s life.  It was almost as if I was reading a personal diary, or a journal – it’s interesting, you want to know more and how things will unravel afterward – it was an exciting book for me.

I could really imagine some of the scenes happening in real life, for example in my primary school.  Although I hadn’t gone back to visit after all those years, reading the school scenes made me think back to my primary school and things took place there in my head.  It made me feel like I was there too – part of the book but looking in at a different angle.

Plot: The introduction was hilarious and got me really interested.  Just the first page was funny and enough to make me want to find out more about the character’s life.  It was good and all ran pretty smoothly until somewhere before halfway through the book.  I was slowly beginning to get bored of what felt like ‘and then we did this, and then we did that’ episodes.  I had thought that the plot would really pick up after the first few chapters, but it was a bit like explaining and getting used to what was going on.  A bit too much of getting used to what was going on.

It was starting to get really ‘same old, same old’ and I felt like the plot was going nowhere.  It was stationary, traveling only in a straight line horizontally across the graph, without any real ups or downs.  Where is the excitement?  Every now and then I would read a sentence that was funny, which helped keep me interested. However, things did take a bit long to get rolling.

Then there’s the romance part of the story.  It’s a bit overused, as in, the girl somehow finds herself falling in love with the boy, but the boy set out to fall in love with the girl’s best friend.  Except for this time, the girl’s best friend is not interested in the boy – in fact, he’s a ghost that only Amy (the ‘girl’) can see.  There’s a twist to the triangle so it’s fun to read, but when true love starts blooming … um, we’ve seen that all before.  Oh, and ‘he’ has blue eyes.  If you know what I mean.

Characterisation: The characterisation was fine.  I can’t say that it was ‘superb and really awesome because we got to know everybody so well and we were all best friends at the end of the book’ but it wasn’t bad either.  The characters certainly developed in throughout, but some of a minor characters seemed to be already pre-developed and not progressing much anywhere.  We did get to know each character better through each action, so that was good.

Other tidbits: Nothing much else to say here, really.  This was relaxing and fast to read and you could see how things worked out in the end.

I don’t really read ghost novels that much.  When I first picked up Preloved I had no idea that it would go the way it did – it really surprised me.  It went down the road that I was unaware of its presence, I didn’t even think about Asian parent x ghosts x romance at all!  It was an interesting mix that got me even wondering if it could possibly happen in real life.  Oh, I forgot to mention ‘time traveling’.  Not exactly, but it is related.

Preloved was not a disappointing book.  It was quite entertaining and some parts you would read and think, “Oh, that is so true!”  I could relate to it in some parts, so I felt more involved in the book.  Of course, there were highs and lows, but I think it deserves a solid four stars.

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