Unraveling by Elizabeth Norris

Clever and calculating, Unraveling is an exciting thriller that is utterly readable and makes for an epic read.

Technical Stuff

Writing (Flow, Style, etc.): The writing is incredible. Crisp and sharp, the writing had me taken from page one and I was never bored. The style in which she used for the main voice, Janelle was fantastic, if a little angst and swear-ridden, and resembled that of an ACTUAL TEENAGE GIRL. While the flow began fantastically, I felt as if it sort of dropped off near the end with the climax, and the quality of the writing was definitely better in the beginning building action.

On a side note, Elizabeth Norris is a queen of suspense and action. Seriously, what she described was so realistic and poignant that I could completely imagine the scene unfolding in front of my eyes as I read.

Plot: This was possibly one of the best aspects of the book… and the worst.

Let me explain.

On the one hand, there was a lovely amount of characterization and suspense and action going on, which is possibly the best part. Elizabeth Norris is amazing at writing suspense- whenever I had just about made my mind up about one theory, she would send me in the complete opposite direction. There wasn’t a moment where I was trying to guess what was going to happen next, and it was always a shocker when I found out what was really happening next (though it did make sense).

However, on the other hand… there was the romance.

I mean, it wasn’t terrible as far as romances have gone, but I really didn’t like the insta-love. The characters were fine, if a little perfect, but it was really the lack of chemistry and the insta-love that got me. It was just… very drab, and I didn’t really get into it. Thankfully it wasn’t a main emphasis, though it did play a bigger part than I hoped it to have.

Characterisation: Most of the characters were fairly well developed- I felt as if none of the main characters were too underdeveloped and that there were maybe one or two cliched characters throughout the whole book- characters that only appeared once and never had an opportunity to explore, but overall it wasn’t anything special.

Other Tidbits: Um…. yeah, that’s about it.

There’s just been so much hype for this, so when I finally read this, I was a little bit skeptical.

I’m not sure what to say about this, though. I mean, it didn’t wow me completely, but at the same time it certainly was a good novel. It’s not particularly memorable for either good or bad reasons, and that’s just the sort of book it is.

I honestly have not much to say about it. Definitely check it out, since it’s a good book, but other than that, I don’t have mega-feels for it.

4 stars.